Taarup 600

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Model Taarup 600

Homogenous Mixed Feed Ration

The Kverneland Taarup 600 series is specifically  designed to incorporate all feed formats into the ration without the need for pre-chopping. The Kverneland Taarup two auger system offers a good balance between the need to cut long or baled materials, and the need for efficient, thorough mixing of all components. The result is a quality, homogenous feed material. 

The Advantages:

  • Highly accurate weighing system.
  • Incorporates all feeding formats without pre-chopping.
  • Two contra-rotation augers
  • Robust chain drive auger system for low maintenance.
  • Variety of options for distribution - to 1 or 2 sides.
  • Fixed position discharge chute, hydraulic driven discharge rollers or conveyor systems up to 2m in lenghts.

Technical Specifications:

  Loading Capacity Unladen Weight Power Req, min.
608 3500kg 3500kg 50/65 kW/hp
610 4400kg 3600kg 50/65 kW/hp
612 5200kg 4600kg 60/80 kW/hp
614 6100kg 4700kg 60/80 kW/hp
616 7200kg 5300kg 70/95 kW/hp
618 8000kg 5400kg 70/95kW/hp
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