SIP Disc mowers

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Brand SIP Grass Machinery
Model SIP Disc mowers

SIP disc mowers feature quick-change blades and a disc drive protection system as standard.DISC S ALP side mower ensures excellent mowing on extremely sloped terrain. The light yet robust construction and professional cutter bar ensure excellent ground contour following. The main attributes of DISC S ALP mower are easy handling, easy transport and easy maintenance.The skids are made of wear resistant steel (HARDOX) and ensure a long life span of both the cutter bar and the discs. The curved shape of the skids provides a larger contact surface and excellent gliding over the surface.

Working width (m)                      2,16 - 2.6-3.00          

No. of discs                                  5- 6- 7 

Discs rotation speed (rpm) 3185

PTO rotation speed (rpm) 540

Weight (kg) ,   465-510 -590

Tractor power req. (kW/HP)   30

Capacity (ha/h)   2,50

Cutting height (mm)   40-70

Swath width (m)   0,90 - 1,10

Transport width (m) 1,32

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