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Brand Prodig
Model Shearbuckets

ProDig offers a range of Shear Bucket sizes from 1800mm and 2100mm. Our Shear Becket is designed to suit any task required to fill a diet feeder. The Shear Becket is ideal for removing silage and whole crop from a pit while opening far enough to allow the user to split round bales in half. And as a bucket it allows the user to fill meal into a diet feeder. Hardened tempered serrated Blades are used in the front of our grab for better cutting with minimum effort, leaving a perfect pit face preventing secondary fermentation. The Blades have a over bite to ensure a clean cut. The two outside tines act as stoppers to prevent the blades from coming into contact with the ground and prevent accidental damage. Our Shear Bucket is powered by two nickel chromed hydraulic double acting rams. This ensures anti-corrosion protection against rust and damage to the hydraulic seals. Standard hydraulic coupling with Pressure Relief Valve for loaders with high pressure hydraulics.

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