Vicon EXTRΔ 117 - 122 - 124

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Brand Vicon
Model Vicon EXTRΔ 117 - 122 - 124

VIC EXTRA 124 0002.jpg

The new EXTRΔ 100 series is based upon the newly developed EXTRΔ cutterbar, which is designed for low maintenance and quiet operation. The Vicon EXTRΔ 100 series machines are designed for smaller mowing operations. With working widths ranging from 1.7-2.4m and with corresponding weights of 390, 430 and 450kg respectively, these machines are perfect for farmers looking for a compact mower with low power requirements

The Advantages:

  • EXTRΔ Cutterbar
  • BreakAway without Reset
  • Compact Build for Smaller Tractors
  • Vertical Transport Position

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Weight Power Req, Min
EXTRΔ 117 1.66m 336kg 26/36 kW/hp
EXTRΔ 122 2.16m 498kg 31/42 kW/hp
EXTRΔ 124 2.42m 535kg 34/46 KW/hp


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